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Masquerade of Life

by Adam Johnston

Blackened waters, Live in fear. You want your own, Myself to hear. Emotion now controls your fate and, You’re crying out a name in hate. Nothing now is what it seems, Something strange from my dreams. The maiden beckons me forward, A life so tempting on her words She Said ‘Come and Dance with me’, Thunder and Lightning in her eyes. The only way to see her truth, Is to dance in stormy skies Storm clouds gather overhead, Believe in me or you’ll be dead. This just can’t be real, No more the pain I feel. I look back into her eyes.
Follow the Queen. Follow the Queen of Hearts. I have got to break her spell, Escape away from this internal Hell. She holds the key to my destiny, But insanity threatens to overwhelm me. Control is an illusion, Lies and Confusion. Only she can set me free, Never will I hold you in my arms. Never will you crush my soul. This is a price I gladly pay, Gotta stop you anyway, Never will I hold you in my arms, you won’t crush my soul. This is a price that I must pay, Gotta stop you any way. Follow my Queen. Follow my Queen of Hearts. Only then will I learn the truth, Cut myself from this noose. This is my tale of slavery, I cannot live, can’t make her see. Just how my spirit, torn in two, Cannot deal with destiny.
Dark Days 04:06
I can’t escape this feeling, Something important’s missing. When you left you took my soul, Now I have nothing at all Inside I am falling I‘m broken, I’m calling I reach out, but you’re not there I am fading fast Don’t know how long I’ll last. Away from all that’s true, I may be dead, but I dream of you. This is my elegy, I am gone you won’t see me. If you dare to look again, What will you find? Lost In these dark days Can’t Escape this maze Trapped in these dark days Locked inside your cage
Am I the only person here? The only one to see things clear Masks are now all that I see, Now you’ve taken mine from me Round and round, everyone. All they do is dance, they’re done. Hidden for eternity, Why won’t you show your face to me? Things just aren’t the same All this hurts my brain. It finds the fear inside, Fuelled by your disguise. You’re hiding in plain sight Your Smile in place all night But I know inside you scream You’re writing your own dream Everyone’s dancing But No-one is living Hiding behind lies, Integrity compromised. What do we gain From such illusion, but Everyone dances The Masquerade of Life I know this can’t last long, Your life will all go wrong. You keep up this charade, Dance the at the masquerade. I only wish I knew, Just how to break through, Throw away your mask and, Be with you at last.
All the Pain 04:38
I saw the world, through my veil of tears, In this room, I sat for all these years, Knowing nothing, until you came, You took away all my hurt and all of my pain When I’m alone, in this world of fear, It’s ok cause, your voice I can hear, Before this I, couldn’t survive, But you came along and made me so alive You took away all the pain, You made me real, You took away all of the hurt, And let me feel, I went all this time, I didn’t know what to think, When you left, It took me to the brink, My fear returned, with it the pain, I live for the time that I hear your voice again Distance between us, just seems to grow, I can’t escape these feelings, They’re all that I know. I long to be with you , deep in my heart, The only thing wrong is, the time spent apart.
Flame 04:21
I’m moving through this life, On the edge a knife, With no escape, With no way out of the hell I’m going through. This is not the end, My wounds begin to mend, Some day soon I will live again and I’ll break out of these chains No matter what I do, You used to see me through, I don’t know what to do, Inside I burn for you I burn for you, The flame inside, That keeps me alive, I burn for you Take my life from in my chest, Dismember me, lay me to rest,
My Escape 04:15
You trapped me here, With nothing but my fear. You took all that I love, You left me naked and dying on the floor. This is My Escape, I’m doing this to get away. Won’t let you lead me astray, With the pain you cause me. This is My Escape, I just can’t accept this fate, Won’t let you blind me with hate, From the pain you cause me This is My Escape, I’m doing this to get away. Won’t let you lead me astray, With the pain you cause me. This My Escape, I’ve got to get out of this place. I won’t let you throw me away, Won’t let you destroy me
Cliché’d feelings, Sleepless nights, Wide-eyed days, Lonely pointless fights. Why are we here, In this barren land, Theres nothing to gain, But together we will stand I would do anything to, Be back home in her arms, I would give anything, To see the ones I love again Impersonal war, Internal slavery, Human Addiction, Living Fiction Countless deaths, Ingrain my mind, My conscious nightmare, A hell inside that’s all I find
Ride the Storm, Storm of Eternity. Ride the winds, See where they take me. Ride the Storm, Storm of Eternity. My Life, One more mystery for me Where do we go from here? What happens when we leave this place? A Secret harboured by the dead Come and claim it if you dare Ride the Storm, Storm of Eternity, Where will it take you, Where will it take me. Ride the Storm of Eternity, Spread your wings, Let your soul fly free


released February 9, 2008


all rights reserved



Adam Johnston Bournemouth, UK

Bournemouth based Metal solo artist, Adam Johnston.

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